The Village of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh by Alan L. Simons

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The Village of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh

The latest book by Alan L. Simons

Fiction: Satire/Humour & Romance

 The eBook and paperback editions are now available.

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ISBN: 978-0-9877503-7-2

The Storyline:

The Village of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh deals with diversity, cultural and religious issues, to name but a few, in today’s society. The hilarious story weaves around the lives of an eccentric Welsh community living in a small village somewhere in the south of France exclusively in their own sheltered world. The book facetiously addresses cultural diversity concerns that go beyond the stereotypes of British and French society. The object of the story, written with humour and a romantic slant, is to demonstrate that we are all equal, irrespective of where one comes from.

Reader’s Reviews (Pre-Release):

“Alan L. Simons is a brilliant writer of romantic and humorous fiction with fascinating characters and myriad insights into human nature. It seizes readers gently by the throat and does not release until the final scene. Having lived in France, I think he catches much about its people and culture too.”

-David Kilgour, Ottawa. Author of several non-fiction books.

“A most compelling erudite novella was experienced by this reviewer. This work transcends an analysis of contemporary ethnocentric morality and behaviour… The imagery used and metamorphic insightful exposition compels one to read this volume numerous times. Attempts to analyze and correct normative and deviant national and individual behaviour replete as it were in the “Welsh and Usman” ethnicities and dialects are outstanding. Suffice to say a work with a timeless contribution to the literate and open-minded.” 

Dr Samuel Sussman RAMI, Vancouver BC

“This is a fascinating story, beautifully written, so much so that one can imagine the village actually existing. The characters involved are truly believable. The story keeps you gripped to carry on reading, discovering the diversity of the villagers, as the undertones come to the surface.”

– L- j. T. West Berkshire U.K

 “A heart-warming, whimsical and inspirational tale set in a fun village with charming and eccentric characters. A must read from Alan L. Simons, truly a mischievous writer with a wonderful imagination.”

-David Eisenstadt, Toronto, ON

“If you enjoy British humour, you’ll love The Village of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh, the latest novel by Alan L. Simons. One of the appealing features of Simons’ writing is his tongue-in-cheek writing style—for example, the clever way he juxtaposes multiple languages from time to time. It’s a quick read—you can’t wait for the sequel. In fact, The Village of Little Comely-on-the-Marsh is so graphic in nature that it almost cries out to become a movie or a television series.”

-Rabbi Corinne Copnick, Los Angeles, CA.

“A delightful model of English whimsy, with a cast of oddballs, so uniquely goofy, they’re each worth a story of their own. It takes awhile for the plot to take off, but who cares, the persona are so appealing. Great as read aloud or inspired improvisation.”

-Ralph Wintrob. Teacher-Librarian, Toronto, ON

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